Find Beauty in the Mundane...

February 05, 2016

Its my goal this year to get away of simply blogging with sample session images and a quick blurb from a shoot. Not that I've been very consistent with blogging in general, because quite honestly it just hasn't been a very big priority for me.

I really want to address that and not by just rambling about anything, but instead would like to do my best to provide some meaningful photography information that hopefully can be used to help you with your personal photography. I would like to think that if you're reading this, you either, a) are looking for a photographer for a project or some portraits and have stumbled upon my site or, b) are perhaps a current or previous client who's looking for information for an upcoming special session or finally  c) you absolutely have no idea how you got here, but since its a photography site, decided to take a peek. 

Well, hopefully I can keep your attention for a few moments once or twice a week. If you are a photographer or have an interest in photography I would like to encourage you this week to pull out your camera or iPhone, etc and make an effort to photograph something every day for a week. It works better if that something is of interest to you such as a child/your family, a pet, nature/outdoors, but honestly anything will do. But the real point of this exercise is to find unique angles or perspectives of whatever you're photographing and to pay close attention to the light, whatever that may be. It certainly doesn't just have to be sunlight, but can be light from streetlights, headlights, storefronts, fireplaces, etc.  

A few weeks ago an old high school friend of mine was doing a similar challenge on FaceBook and then nominated me to contribute. The challenge was to post an image of nature very day for a week. Well I read that to mean go out and shoot an image every day for a week. My work schedule really didn't allow that, yet I knew that this type of exercise is incredibly helpful with sparking your creativity and opening your mind to seeing things differently. My solution was to go hiking for a few hours with my daughter and try and get a weeks worth of worthy images in a few hours. That didn't go so well as you will see below, but I really enjoyed the process and hope that you will too. So try and push yourself to find beauty in the mundane. 

Please feel free to email me with questions or thoughts. In the coming weeks and months I'll be discussing a multitude of ways to enrich and enhance your own photography, so please check back as you can. In the meantime, here are a few images from my aforementioned hiking trip to Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield Park.