Rod Kaye

I first picked up a camera while in high school and quickly became fascinated with depressing the shutter and waiting anxiously to get the prints back from the lab. I soon took a course processing my own black and white film and there was no looking back. During my senior year in high school I started working for the local newspaper processing film, helping to lay out pages, and also photographing what little spot news there was in my small town.

Needing to learn more about the medium that would shape my life, I began studying black and white photography in Providence, Rhode Island and followed that up by making the trek south to study commercial and advertising photography at the Portfolio Center in Atlanta, GA.

Upon leaving the Portfolio Center, I worked for a company doing studio and location photography full time as well as various freelance advertising, editorial and publishing assignments with a heavy dosage of sports work. My work has been published on over 35 Magazine covers and some of my publishing clients include Sports Illustrated, Outdoor Photographer, Bicycling Magazine among many others. Some of my sports jobs have included all four professional sports, Championship boxing, the Olympics and pretty much everything in between. I have also had the honor of exhibiting my Olympic sports art at the US Olympic Headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado for a solo exhibition.

Although I now work full time doing advertising and product photography for a Fortune 500 company, I truly enjoy expressing my creativity by creating fine art portraits of individuals, families or groups of people as well as various other types of this medium. I also love spending time with my family and our multiple furry four legged animals...