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Santa made his arrival!!

December 04, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Well the day finally came and Santa did not disappoint! We had a completely crazy, fully booked day and it was wonderful. As with previous years, we  tend to move around Bulloch Hall and are set up in a different room from the last year. It doesn't matter a great deal as the rooms are always decorated with a different theme which always keeps things fresh and new. One thing that isn't new is our Santa and judging by everyone's reaction, he hit the mark once again. He simply is awesome and I just don't see how the mall Santa's can compete. 

We had some little surprises awaiting the children and parents in the form of chocolates, chocolate chip cookies and candy canes. I wanted to quickly post a very few samples from the sessions to not only to tease the parents that participated, but also show other folks what they missed. My apologies for not showing samples from every session, but I'm too busy editing from the day to properly do that. But trust me, I'll be adding more in the coming days… For now I hope you enjoy these:


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