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Santa Portraits in August ??

August 27, 2015

Although the temperature has been in the high 80's to mid 90's, I've reluctantly been holding back on announcing the dates of our annual Santa Portraits at Bulloch Hall. I wasn't trying to be selfish despite fielding tons of emails and calls asking to pre-reserve now. Honestly, regardless of the fact that I already have the very limited dates set, I just can't bring myself to start taking Santa reservations in August. I understand that there are certain Mall Santa's that start Pre-Registering during the summer months, yet that is not the process that I follow. Due to the fact that with the Mall Santa portraits, they deal with literally hundreds or thousands of people all receiving the same, cookie cutter and dare I say, boring portraits.

Our sessions are all about the experience. The first difference is our Santa, which I feel is the most authentic looking Santa around. Secondly, our location (Bulloch Hall in Roswell) is a beautiful and historic home that will have each room decorated in a unique and vintage style. Lastly I come back to the experience. We'll have chocolates and cookies for you to enjoy after your session, but during the session Santa will spend plenty of time with your child or children and will provide varying expressions in order to ensure that I capture unique and memorable images...

So now the dates. Saturday, November 28th and Sunday, November 29th. Please check back for the reservation link which will be coming in the next few weeks along with more details as well.

Santa Portraits at Bulloch Hall by Rod Kaye PhotographyChild checking to see if Santa's beard is real during portrait session with Rod Kaye.