Rod Kaye Photography L.L.C. | High School Senior at Old Car City

High School Senior at Old Car City

October 01, 2016

I was asked to do a session for another incredible HS Senior up in White, Georgia at Old Car City. I had never heard of this place until this request, but once I looked it up my answer was an immediate YES! This place is not for everybody, because quite honestly it is a junk yard that has roughly 4200 old cars and buses with the newest probably being from the late 70's... But I'm drawn to textures and items that have a certain petina and you can't find it much better than here. Plus, the place is simply eclectic with crazy signs and messages nearly everywhere you look. 

So we spent nearly three hours roaming around and then once the session was over, I spent another 90 minutes venturing about by myself just making images for my own pleasure... Please note that to visit this place they charge $15 per person and if you want to take pictures, its $25. Well worth it in my estimation and I look forward to going back soon... Below are a few quick samples of the amazing Peyton a well as few of my personal images. Enjoy! BTW, Santa reservations opening in three days...