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Spider Fun...

September 21, 2017

So I was taking our 10 month old Golden puppy out in the backyard the other day and noticed this spider creating his web in the space between our bench swing. I always seem to find myself walking through spider webs (mostly at night) far too often and it drives me crazy! I'm always thinking that the spider is crawling on me as I dance around trying my best to shake it off. 

Well this one was pretty incredible to watch and I when I went back out late in the evening he was camped out and ready to catch prey. I had to grab my tripod, flashlight and of course my camera. I had to be incredibly patient as there was the tiniest of breezes and just enough to register a blur during my few second exposure. But after multiple exposures, I was thankfully able to get a few that were sharp enough and didn't have any movement. 

And after some quick research, I found that the name of this Spider is the Spotted Orbweaver and it is actually a female. Anyway, although it is not poisonous, I still wouldn't want to walk through its web and have it crawling on me... :)

And by the way, be on the lookout for my Santa announcement coming out in the next few days!